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About Us

At T.R.Y. Accessories, we import fashion accessories originally designed and produced in Korea. We want our Korean accessories to make every woman look great.  Just like a tomato energizes, our carefully selected range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings energizes and redefines your style. read more

About Us

We are bespoke!

We bring to you custom jewellery and accessories from Korea that are unique and speak to you. Created for the modern Asian woman by talented Korean designers, our design and style accentuates and defines you. We recognise that female working professionals, executives or modern mums take pride and efforts in dressing up - defining their individual styles to stand out.

Our custom jewellery and accessories from Korea are a fusion of Asian nuances with modern designs to complement any look from glamorous, casual chic, gloriously diva, creatively gorgeous, stylishly elegant to downright fun!

We are a group of fashion-conscious women who share this passion for quality, affordable luxury and the extraordinary. What started out as a hobby and a small project has grown today into a mission to dress and energise the modern ladies of Asia.

We represent some of the most talented, up and coming Korea designers who produce, what we literally feel, work of art!


Why T.R.Y.?

Tomato Redefines You!

Like a tomato that energises and nourishes the skin, T.R.Y. accessories from Korea enrich and complement your look with the accessories that are unique and style you! Our accessories are hand-made and unique, individual pieces, specially created with the modern woman or diva in mind; one who is confident, stylish and knows her fashion.

We delight in providing our customers choice of styles and you will find fun, elegant, glamourous, unusual, gentle pieces in our range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. We aim to give you a unique look for each and every piece in your wardrobe suitable for any occasion.

You deserve only the best! T.R.Y. brings to you necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings that are made of natural materials (gemstone, pearl, shell, wood, leather, etc.) as well as other high quality materials (glass, beads, brass, zinc, etc.). All of them are originally designed, 100% hand made and imported from Korea.

We, at T.R.Y. accessories, value individuality so every piece aims to give you a unique look!