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About Us

At T.R.Y. Accessories, we import fashion accessories originally designed and produced in Korea. We want our Korean accessories to make every woman look great.  Just like a tomato energizes, our carefully selected range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings energizes and redefines your style. read more


T.R.Y. accessories
Personalised Services
Return Policy
Useful Tips for Taking Care of T.R.Y. accessories
Useful Tips for Taking Care of Accessories Made of Sterling Silver

T.R.Y. accessories

Why "T.R.Y."?
Tomato Redefines You - all of us know that tomato is a fruit/vege that packs with a lot of nutrition and makes our skin look great. We want our accessories to make every woman look great. Just like tomato energizes, our carefully selected range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings energize and "redefine" your style!

How does T.R.Y. accessories make a difference to my wardrobe?
Every piece makes a difference to your look. A fun necklace can make an otherwise plain top look interesting. An elegant pair of earrings and a bracelet can accentuate and jazz up a basic dress for a party in the evening. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars to buy new pieces of clothing to add to your wardrobe, what you need to do is to spend only a fraction of the amount to accessorise and add flexibility and creativity to your wardrobe.

Where are the accessories from?
The main collection is designed and manufactured by some of the most talented designers in Korea exclusive for south east Asia.  These accessories are made of natural materials including wood, leather, pearl as well as quality materials like glass, brass, zinc and other alloys.  All are 100% hand-made. We have carefully selected these creative, high quality pieces with a view to bringing a unique look suitable for any occasion.

Personalised Service

I cannot find the accessories I want in your website. How can you help?
We appreciate that there may be times when you are looking for that particular piece to accessorise and energise your wardrobe, but cannot find it. Time is in short supply and finding that accessories in the color or design to match with the specific piece of clothing becomes a challenge.

We can help!  Email us a photo of the dress, top or outfit with the design/type of accessories that you have in mind; tell us more about the occasion and the budget you have in mind and we will do the rest!

If I engage you for the personalised service, am I under any obligation to purchase the items?

You are not obligated to buy the accessories if you do not feel it works for you.  Of course, we would be overjoyed if you felt that our recommendation met your needs and you made the purchase.  This is a service to help you find the unique accessories that works for you.  There will not be any fees charged for the personalised service, it's absolutely free of charge.


What is the available mode of payment?
You can pay for your purchases by paypal or by bank transfer.


I am residing in Singapore/Malaysia. How much is the shipping charges?
If you are residing in Singapore or Malaysia, we will ship your purchased items to your specified delivery address in Singapore and Malaysia absolutely free of charge.

I am residing out of Singapore/Malaysia. How much is the shipping charges?  Please refer to Shipping for more information on the charges.


I am residing in Singapore. How long does the delivery take?
Delivery in Singapore takes about 5 working days by regular mail. However, if you need the items urgently, we can make special arrangement for you but there may be a small additional administrative charge. Please email us with specifics and we will do our best to meet your requirement.

I am residing out of Singapore. How long does the delivery take?
Please refer to Shipping for more information.

Return Policy

What is the return policy?
All accessories sold by T.R.Y. accessories are brand new; and are designed and manufactured to exact standards. As we ensure that the items you order are in good condition prior to delivery, all items sold are non–refundable.

However, if at the point of delivery, you deem the items to be defective, damaged or not according to your order, you may refuse to accept the product and must fulfill the following:

- Notify us by email within 5 working days of receiving the items.
- State the reasons for rejecting the items - explain the defect or damage
- Please provide your contact details to allow us to follow up with you.
- Please return the items to us in its original packaging.
- You will bear the cost of shipping the items back to us.

Upon the receipt of your email and the returned items, we will contact you to make arrangement for a replacement or a refund, whichever suits you the most.

While we are committed to delivering the highest standard of customer satisfaction, we must state that this return policy only applies to valid and legitimate instances where items are damaged, defective or not in accordance to the order upon delivery. Therefore, we would like to request that customers restrict returns only to the reasons stated herein.

Useful Tips for Taking Care of T.R.Y. accessories

What are the useful tips for taking care of my T.R.Y. accessories?
#1 Keep your T.R.Y. accessories Clean
Clean the accessories with a soft cotton cloth regularly because perspiration, oil and dirt can make them dark due to reaction with the metal.

#2 Never Allow your T.R.Y. accessories Come in Contact with any Chemicals
Chemicals, such as oil, perfume, soap, cologne, shampoo, etc., can fade or ruin the accessories. As a general rule of thumb, it's important to remove your accessories before showering, washing your hands, or doing anything that may subject them to harsh chemicals.

#3 Never Store your T.R.Y. accessories When it's Wet
Many of us simply forget to take off our accessories when washing our hands. However, it's important to make sure not to store the accessories when it's wet. Before you store it away for the day, you should take a few seconds to dry off the accessories with a soft cotton cloth. This will go a long way in making sure that your favourite T.R.Y. accessories remain in good condition.

#4 Keep the T.R.Y. accessories in a Clean, Dry Place
Always store your accessories in a clean, dry, and relatively cool place away from heat, dust, and harsh chemicals. For example, you can store each piece of accessories in the plastic bag and silk pouch, ie the original packaging. Never store the accessories in the bathroom.

#5 Keep the T.R.Y. accessories Separately
Ensure that the accessories are not stored touching one another because their metal or polish may react with or to each other.

Useful Tips for Taking Care of Accessories Made of Sterling Silver

How to take care of accessories that are made of sterling silver?
Sterling silver can tarnish over time. To keep the accessories which are made of sterling silver in good condition, you should wash them thoroughly with warm water and mild detergent after each wear. After washing, you need to dry excess water with a soft cloth immediately to prevent spotting and tarnishing. Storing the accessories in a sealed zip-lock bag can help to slow down the natural tarnishing process. You should NEVER apply cosmetics or spray perfume directly onto the accessories. It is best to wear the accessories only after you apply cosmetics or perfume. Avoid wearing the accessories into sea water or swimming pool because chlorine and other chemicals in the water can cause discoloration and damages to the accessories.